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The Torque Master Spark Plug: Efficiency and Power

The Torque Master spark plug has been designed, engineered and manufactured to provide maximum horsepower, torque, fuel economy and reduced emissions. Our unique, patented "Field Effect" design also gives the Torque Master spark plug the ability to last many times longer than conventional spark plugs.

Our spark plugs are the only spark plugs that utilize a patented ultra-wide gap with 360 degrees of fire power supported by our exclusive "Field Effect" design. The "Field Effect" principle helps propagate the spark across an unprecedented .120" to .140" gap. Additionally, our plugs operate using the same voltage as would be required from conventional spark plugs gapped at.045" to .060".

Don't be fooled by those 'gimmick' plugs whose slightly-modified appearance is more 'show' than 'go'. And why settle for 'business as usual' plugs whose designs haven't changed for dozens of years, when you can get the plug that has the big spark plug manufacturers paranoid! What do you stand to lose ....... except maybe performance?

Torque Master spark plugs are available for all makes and model of automobiles -- foreign and domestic -- motorcycles, marine, and off-road vehicles. Torque Master plugs are also available for special high-performance racing applications, such as turbocharged, supercharged, nitrous-oxide, and high-compression engine.

Regarding spark plug gap,

we only make two sizes.

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Our standard size, which has an equivalent gap of about .120" and the "S" plug, which has an equivalent gap of about .090". The standard plug requires between 21,000 to 25,000 volts to fire under full pressure.

Our "S" plugs require between 16,000 to 18,000 volts to fire under full pressure. The "S" plugs are designed for high compression racing applications, turbocharged, supercharged, NOS, etc. The gap on a Torque Master spark plug cannot be changed as it is an integral part of the overall design.

We know for a fact that our Torque Master spark plugs last longer than any other spark plug currently on the market. We have customers who have reported getting in excess of 240,000 miles on one set of our spark plugs. Our spark plugs last longer due to several factors, one of which is our unique patented ground electrode design.

Are Torque Master spark plugs designed for everyday, non-modified cars or just high-performance vehicles?

Torque Master spark plugs were specifically designed to run better and to produce more power and more miles per gallon. Extreme longevity was a gift -- created by design. We knew they would last longer, but they are beating our projection by a very large percentage -- without degrading the performance. In fact, these plugs keep improving with age, 100,000 miles is a breeze. A Ford V8 with over 243,000 miles still passed California smog!