FAQ’s You Should Know About the Torque Master Spark Plug

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Torque Master spark plugs better than all other spark plugs on the market today?

Torque Master sparks plugs provide 100% to 200% more spark exposure to the combustible mixtures in the combustion chamber because of their unique 360 degree firing and ultra wide gap. Additionally, with this much spark power, Torque Master spark plugs do not require any additional power from your ignition system. This is what the Torque Master patent is all about. 

How does the Torque Master spark plug compare to the Split-Fire spark plug?

There is no comparison! The Torque Master spark plugs are custom hand-built, one by one, utilizing the best materials possible. Our spark plugs burn more efficiently than the S/F due to our patented spark plug tip design. Because we provide maximum spark exposure to the combustion chamber, a more complete burn is realized, thus producing more horsepower and lower emissions.

Are there any other Torque Master products?

Yes, we provide several high-performance custom built street and racing ignitions systems. Additional, Torque Master manufactures a high performance fuel injection/carburetor cleaner -- "Formula 135".

Has Mauri invented anything else?

Yes, Maurice is the inventor of the awesome new fuel injector/carburetor cleaner, "Formula 135".

Does Torque Master make spark plugs for my vehicle?

We make spark plugs for virtually anything that uses spark plugs. There is a variety of heat ranges to suit your particular application. Note that there is an additional charge for the very cold heat ranges.

How long can I expect my Torque Master spark plugs to last?

We know for a fact that our Torque Master spark plugs last longer than any other spark plug currently on the market. We have customers who have reported getting in excess of 240,000 miles on one set of our spark plugs. Our spark plugs last longer due to several factors, one of which is our unique patented ground electrode design.

Are Torque Master spark plugs designed for everyday, non-modified cars or just high-performance vehicles?

Torque Master spark plugs were specifically designed to run better and to produce more power and more miles per gallon. Extreme longevity was a gift -- created by design. We knew they would last longer, but they are beating our projection by a very large percentage -- without degrading the performance. In fact, these plugs keep improving with age, 100,000 miles is a breeze. A Ford V8 with over 243,000 miles still passed California smog!

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