Technical Information

Offset Delayed Burn With Torque Master Spark Plug

Technical Information

Purpose of the Spark Plugs

Every automobile engine runs because of a mixture of fuel and air being fed into the combustion chamber. A spark is provided at just the right moment of piston position. This spark ignites the fuel and air mixture which results in an explosion where hot gases expand and the resulting pressure is applied to the top of the piston, forcing it down.

Delayed Burn

"Delayed Burn" is nothing more than that delay time that occurs between the spark flash of the spark plug and the first visible flame of combustion. The fuel-air mixture inside the combustion chamber may vary from one power cycle to the next. The time required to ignite the combustible mixture in order to start a strong, self-sustaining flame front varies directly with the consistency of many factors. Delayed burn is the delay time caused by a weak propagation of flame front which results in slower combustion and a loss of efficiency.


Delayed burn takes its toll on engine power. When "On-Time" combustion occurs, a very fast, proper delay time, strong flame front is initiated within the combustion chamber. Gas pressure rises fast, expands and peaks just as the piston starts to approach top dead center (TDC). The result is maximum engine power being delivered to the top of the piston at just the perfect point or position.

Many factors contribute to the foregoing, such as: compression ratio, combustion chamber shape, spark plug location, spark plug type, ignition system and ignition coil, intake fuel and air temperature, and the temperature of the engine itself.

The last, engine temperature, is of extreme importance.

Why Delayed burn is BAD?

If the ignition point of combustion is weak, as with "Delayed Burn", the crankshaft can actually rotate to 20 degrees past TC. Having done so, the piston can't take full advantage of all the available expanding gases created by combustion. The result is a big loss of power and torque.

Why Torque Master Spark Plugs?

We don't believe that "Delayed Burn" can be completely cured because nothing is perfect. We do believe that with the installation of a new set of Torque Master spark plugs, "Delayed Burn" can be held to a minimum. Torque Master spark plugs make horsepower and torque on their own, no other spark plug can match this kind of combustion efficiency. The Torque Master spark plug will deliver 100% to 200% more spark exposure to the combustion mixture.

Field Effect

Our spark plugs are the only spark plugs that utilize a patented ultra-wide gap with 360 degrees of fire power supported by our exclusive "Field Effect" design. The "Field Effect" principle helps propagate the spark across an unprecedented .120" to .140" gap. Additionally, our plugs operate using the same voltage as would be required from conventional spark plugs gapped at.045" to .060".


Torque Master spark plugs will outlast all other spark plugs, even the best platinum design. The reason is because of our patented stainless steel tip design which requires no gap setting whatsoever and the ceramic insulator itself is used as a spark path -- this is called 'surface conductance'. This surface conductance prevents formation of any fouling substance to accumulate on the ceramic insulator. This patented feature permits the spark plug to operate at top efficiency throughout its life -- which have proven to be as much as 11 years and 243,000 miles without service or maintenance of any kind (Sandy Howard and his Ford station wagon)..