The Story of the Torque Master Spark Plug

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We are a manufacturer company funded by Mr. Maurice E. Lindsey, Maurice E. Lindsey was a successful engineer, Whom at His very young edge, started working on car engines, To be more specific, rectifying cylinder head. Making that job the way to support His career but also the passion of His life as He liked to drag race, and drive racing cars and also improve their performance.

After graduate as an engineer Mr. Lindsey moved to the farms to work on industrial engines repairing and rebuilding Them, Doing so, He noticed how the farmers had a hard time to harvest the cotton because cutting machines spindles get clogged and stop the production, so He came out with a new invent, He redesign the spindle for the cotton cutting machines, allowing Them to work for more long consecutive time and increased the production more of 30% to 40% that invention was a hit for Mr. Lindsey It became so successful that He even bought an airplane to deliver all the order that He had on demand, all over the United States.

After become a very solvent economic person Mr. Maurice E. Lindsey and His family decide to move to the city of El Segundo California and He decide to retake his “all times passion” which was It working on Hi-performance engines,

So he not only bought his house in El Segundo but also get a facility where He can rebuilt engines as a hobby because He was ready to retired, but His mind always working on something and after short time he came out again with one more invention “Stratodine engine” as He called, It was a 4 cylinder aircraft engine with the only  size of  2000cc. which develops 500 Hp. The secret of why it is so powerful consist on very large pistons working one again each other.


In 1977 Maurice E. Lindsey was living in El Segundo California, His son Jeff Lindsey love to race bikes actually what they call “dirt bike” as everybody know this kind of race give too much stress to the spark plugs and Jeff couldn’t find a spark plugs which last enough on his bike without burning or even melting , You can imagine what kind of hi performance engine Hi had on his bike, So Mrs. Sue Lindsey toll Mr. Maurice, “ Hey, You are an engineer why don’t You make a spark plugs which work for Jeff’s motorcycle”. So spark plugs became a challenge for Mr. Lindsey and according to His experience in that way Hi invented the Original type, “TORQUE MASTER SPARK PLUGS” that was one more successful hit and became a sensation that even was published on the local news papers.

Since 1977 He started sale the Original type Torque Master spark plugs and the shop became a corporation called Torque Master Products Inc.

It was 1993 when I came to work for Mr. Lindsey , They were already start sale spark plugs to a different countries so I became to reinforce the spark plugs production, but exactly at that time the new technology was arriving getting a new electronic ignition systems, all different kinds, alike, coil pack, DIS , distributor less ignition, direct ignition etc. So the original type of spark plugs star getting some kind of troubles fitting on the new computerized cars and Mr. “Maury” as I used to call Him had a brand new challenge, I still remember how every morning He came to Me explaining His New ideas to improve the “Torques” as We used to called the spark plugs. 


He wanted to design the “penta platinum star series type, Torque Master spark Plugs” which consist on multiple ground electrode around the center electrode, so one they God lighted me and found the way to build Them and since that day based on Mr. Maury indications we started making the “Star Series type spark plugs” which work on all makes and model.